Bar plot of Serious AEs by treatment group


In the case of serious AEs, treatment group XX3 is dominating as compared to treatment groups XX1 and XX2. Among the serious AEs around 54% of them have happened in XX3 and 31% happened in group XX2 and 15% happened in treatment group XX1.

Histogram- No. of subjects by sex and race.


Majority of the subjects belong to white. And the male to female ratio is 11:25.

Heatmap of No. of AEs per system organ class (SOC) per treatment groups


The SOC, Gastrointestinal disorder have a notable No. of adverse events Terms in three treatment groups. For all other SOC, only a small no. of adverse events are observed.

Heatmap of No. of serious AEs per system organ class (SOC) per treatment groups


Serious AEs are observed in three system organ class, Infections and infestations, Gastrointestinal disorder and Blood and lymphatic system disorders. Among these, Gastrointestinal disorder is frequent and is more observed in treatment group XX3.

Box plot of age by sex and race


Minimum age of subject participated in study is 19 and max age of subject is 65.

Scatter plot of Height and weight by sex